Fill Dirt For Sale

Fill Dirt For Sale in Maryland

We are resource recovery system that safely manages waste, recycles resources and protects the environment for residents and businesses.

What To Know

Our Clean Fill Dirt For Sale

We utilize the real estate market to find the best locations that have been lacking in the past decade and currently have several different sites in the DMV surrounding areas with clean fill dirt for sale.

Clean Fill

Light red brown with orange silty, clayey sand.

Typical Uses Include: Structural material | Leveling of pads and parking lots

Incentive Program

Clean fill – per load (approximately 10-12 CY per truck). Price range is based on total daily billing. Quantity: 750,000 CY. See Important Documents below for proctor SC-SM.

  • 25 loads or less – $100.00 per load
  • 26 – 50 loads – $50.00 per load
  • 51 – 100 loads – $25.00 per load
  • 100 or more is free
  • Free if loaded with customer’s equipment (Requires COI)

Benefits of Using Fill Dirt

Clean fill dirt is an essential material for many construction and landscaping projects.

Can be used to create a level foundation and fill in low spots.

Much more affordable than other types of soil or materials.

Helps get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Location & Hours

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