Construction Material Recycling

We Specialize in the Management of Construction & Demolition Debris and Construction Material Recycling

Recycling construction materials is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of construction projects. Not only does it help conserve resources, but it also helps reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

What To Know

Our Construction Material Recycling Guidelines

Hawkins Landfill, LLC is an industrial landfill and construction and demolition waste facility located in Curtis Bay, MD able to accept demolition from 3rd parties. Please note, we only accept asbestos containing materials (ACM) from businesses, no residents.
Items We Accept

As a construction and demolition waste facility, we accept asbestos containing materials (ACM) including:

Once a quote has been approved and accepted, the next step in to perform a TCLP sample of the material that include PCBs by EPA 8082, TCLP RCRA 8 Metals, TCLP VOCs and TCLP VOCs 8270 which typically takes around 5 business days.  The result is then submitted to MDE for approval which takes around 3-5 business days.  Once approved by MDE we,  request all information regarding the material for us to print manifest that are accompanied with each load.

Items We Do Not Accept

Benefits of Construction Material Recycling Sites

Construction Material Recycling sites are essential for improved efficiency in building projects.

Reduces the need for new raw materials and conserves energy by avoiding the need to extract new resources from the environment.

Cuts down on transportation costs associated with transporting new raw materials from remote locations.

Requires less energy and fewer chemicals during production, leading to a reduction in overall emissions and pollution levels.

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