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Hawkins Landfill

Hawkins Landfill, LLC is an industrial landfill located in Curtis Bay, MD able to accept demolition from 3rd parties. This landfill is the only landfill in Baltimore City that is approved to accept non friable and friable asbestos contaminated materials (ACM) through the EPA and MDE.

construction and demolition waste facility | Hawkins Management

Neale Drive - Class II Fill

Neale Drive – Brandywine, MD is a Class II fill site accepting clean dirt, topsoil, asphalt, and concrete from commercial businesses throughout the region.

About Our Company

Hawkins Management, LLC is a waste and recycling management company that is committed to supply safe waste disposal for the surrounding states through education and proper disposals operations. We utilize the real estate market to find the best locations that have been lacking in the past decade. Hawkins Management has several different sites in the DMV surrounding areas. We are a resource recovery system that safely manages waste, recycles resources and protects the environment for residents and businesses.

The Hawkins Management Park Building Initiative

The Hawkins Management Park Building Initiative is an effort to improve the overall quality of unused land by reimagining it as an integral part of our community. Our goal is to create nature sanctuaries and public park facilities for the enjoyment, inspiration, education of future generations. By repurposing these unused spaces and donating them back to the community, we are supporting alternative projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and educating the neighborhood on all of their environmental benefits. 

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